One Saturday every three years, Australians turn up at schools, churches and other buildings they might normally avoid, run the gauntlet of how-to-vote-cards, spend their spare change on sausage sizzles and lamingtons, wait in lines until their names are ticked off, and then decide the future of the country by scribbling pencil marks onto scraps of paper.

Well, that's my experience of election day, anyway. What's yours?

Here's how this site works:
1. Choose your booth using the form on this page.
2. Enter a short review. Was it busy? Did you see a high-profile candidate? How were the sausages?
3. Press submit. You'll get a page you can share with your friends.
4. Explore reviews of other booths around Australia with our Google Maps mashup.
5. Let me know what you thought of our project by leaving a comment on my blog, or tweeting @rosieryan.

A joint project from Rosanna Ryan, Thom Ryan and Carlos Rosquillas. Polling booth data found on the Australian Electoral Commission website.