About Booth reviews

One of the hardest decisions to make on federal election day is which polling booth to attend. Will your local school or your local church have the better sausage sizzle? Is there a jumble sale at one location to sway your choice? What are the odds of running into your local candidate and their entourage? And which booth has the most sweet-natured AEC staff ticking off your name?

During the 2010 election campaign we set up Booth Reviews, a crowdsourced map that lets you zoom into your local area and see what your fellow citizens are saying about the experience of election day.

Our 2010 website included reviews from every state and territory in Australia and was later featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra. We also collected testimonies from Queensland's state election and the Queensland local government elections in 2012.

This website may help you find the best sausages, but it's is also there for you to share your perspective on playing a part in this great democratic project.

The latest iteration of Booth reviews is a joint project from Rosanna Ryan, Thom Ryan and Ash Kyd, with thanks to Carlos Rosquillas for coding in earlier versions.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I submit a review of my local polling booth? I can't find it in the drop-down menu.

We want to know what your experience is like on the day you actually vote, so before polls officially open we're only accepting reviews from pre-poll locations.

What if I'm voting overseas?

We'd love to hear from you! Just visit our overseas submission form and tell us what it was like.

How do you know where each booth is located?

We're going off data provided by the Australian Electoral Commission.

I want to add a photo/video to my review. How can I do that?

Our map isn't set up to display photos or videos, but you can share them with us on social media by hashtagging #boothrev on Instagram or Twitter or adding them to our Facebook wall.

I'm putting on a sausage sizzle fundraiser on election day, can I use your site to tell people about it?

Booth reviews is about the experiences of everyday voters on polling day. We'd love to hear what it's like on the other side of the barbeque as well. Is tomato sauce more popular than mustard? Do any candidates stick around for lunch? What do you get up to when the crowd thins out?

If you want to promote your sausage sizzle, there's another site collecting that sort of information. Democracy Sausage has been mapping the availability of electoral foodstuffs as well.

How do I get in contact with you to report a bug or show my appreciation?

You can tweet us at @boothreviews or say hello on Facebook. If you want to hear about any other projects we have in the cooker, you can follow us individually on twitter: @itsthom, @rosieryan and @ashkyd.